Sustainable Development


Sustainable building design or “green building” is an increasingly important method of construction necessary to achieve more energy and economically efficient, or high performance buildings that better serve its end users.  These methods take into account a triple bottom line which addresses not only the short term economic benefit but the greater long-term life cycle costs of the building, as well as its impact on the environment and future occupants.  By using an integrated planning process engineers, designers, planners, contractors and other project participants work together to identify and implement overlapping areas of the design and construction process in which they will achieve mutually beneficial improvements to the building’s overall performance.  Please consider making ECI a part of your team to address commercial or residential interior millwork or furniture.

Consider utilizing ECI’s skills to provide millwork, cabinetry or furniture made of rapidly renewable products such as wheatboard or strawboard, or made entirely or or a quantifiable portion of documented re-use materials in order to achieve Materials and Resources category credits, also utilizing low emitting products to reduce interior pollution and achieve Indoor Environmental Quality credits.   Our state of the art CNC in combination with our experienced engineering and design staff allows us to reduce materials use and waste.  In addition, our facility is energy, labor and space efficient, with a low impervious surface to open-space ratio resulting in a very low carbon footprint.


Make ECI A Part of Your LEED Project Team